Inside Town Hall


Inside Town Hall is a half-hour interview program designed to focus on current City Council initiatives and City projects, operations, or future plans of public interest.

The program is facilitated by a moderator. The objectives of Inside Town Hall are to increase awareness of the activities and deliberations of the City Council; provide information to the citizens of Sioux Falls on its services, facilities, functions, operations, and future plans of the City; and provide local government news not generally available through the existing broadcast media.

If you have an idea for a subject to be covered on Inside Town Hall, please email us your idea.


April 2017

Featuring councilors Rex Rolfing, Christine Erickson, Pat Starr and Theresa Stehly

March 2017

Council Member Rick Kiley along with Metro Communications Director Paul Niedringhaus, Police Chief Matt Burns and Fire Chief Jim Sideras discuss how the agencies work together to assist citizens in their time of need.

February 2017

Description: Councilor Christine Erickson and her guest Minnehaha County Commissioner Cindy Heiberger discuss the Public Safety Assessment (PSA). An objective resource that judges can use when making decisions about who should be jailed before trial and who can be safely released.

Councilor Erickson also looks at other topics including the summer youth bus pass called Freedom Pass, National Citizen Survey, the Bishop Dudley House, and the role of the City Council.

January 2017

Inside Town Hall roundtable featuring councilors Christine Erickson, Pat Starr, Michelle Erpenbach, and Marshall Selberg. Topics include the South Dakota Legislative Session and the National Citizen Survey.

December 2016

Hosted by Madeline Shields with guest Michelle Erpenbach from the Central District. Find out the city Council is doing to help those most vulnerable in our city as well as why landlords need to register their properties.

November 2016

Council Roundtable featuring councilors Greg Neitzert, Theresa Stehly, Rex Rolfing and Rick Kiley. Topics include a proposed smoking ban, drug addiction and downtown rail yard redevelopment.