Central Services Top 10 Wins

  1. City Administration Building
    Bonds were sold in October 2016 for the new $21.9 million City Administration Building. The project began in 2012 with a formal space needs study, resulting in the recommendation to acquire additional office space for City employees. Dozens of property options were vetted over the next several years, and construction of a new building on a parcel of land already owned by the City was deemed the best solution. The new building will offer improved service to the public and better collaboration opportunities for City staff. It is slated to be finished and ready for occupancy in 2018.
  2. Responsive Website Redesign
    The Web Office redesigned the City’s website to provide an enhanced user experience. www.siouxfalls.org delivers an optimized view designed to be responsive to the device and screen size being used. More than 50 percent of visitors to the website use mobile devices and tablets. Web traffic patterns were analyzed to optimize the website. The project team consisted of members from all areas of City government, and the project also included an upgrade of the website’s content management software.
  3. Virtual Desktop
    A large-scale deployment of VDI desktops replaces 130 physical desktop computers in the libraries with a network appliance that connects back to the data center. The system runs much faster than a desktop PC providing a better user experience. The VDI environment also streamlines back-end administration, saving many hours of support time. Each new session is a completely new desktop presentation so library patrons can be assured their information is kept safe and won’t be displayed when they are finished using the public access computers.
  4. Caille Library Improvements
    An extensive $1 million remodel project was completed on the Caille Branch Library. The project included a full floor plan redesign, new bathrooms, new furnishings throughout, and more.
  5. Active Directory Redesign
    The project converted the outdated user naming convention to a modern username that is unique to each individual for the life of the employee regardless of change in position or name change. It provides a better user experience with a single sign-on for most applications. Other benefits include enhanced security and back-end efficiencies.
  6. Software Initiatives
    The Information Technology team worked with many departments to implement new technologies to enhance efficiencies and increase customer engagement. Some of the larger initiatives included a new software solution for the Fleet Division to track vehicle and parts inventory, work maintenance for each vehicle, and fuel management. Land Management mobile device upgrades for Planning, Fire Rescue, and Engineering inspections have allowed inspectors to move from a complicated desktop setup to a mobile tablet device that presents information in a simple, concise screen. New Transit software to schedule Paratransit rides and an upgraded Parks and Recreation software solution for online transactions, such as swimming pool passes, shelter reservations, and class registrations, also were implemented in 2016.
  7. Custodial Efficiencies
    New custodial equipment purchases maximize cleaning effectiveness, provide ergonomic ease of use, and minimize labor hours required. Three models of floor machines were acquired to replace the daily damp mopping that had previously been done by hand with microfiber mops. These new machines should save 340 resource hours per year as well as improve sanitation and reduce employee fatigue.
  8. High-Speed Wireless Network Upgrades
    The City took another large step toward enhancing connection speeds and ensuring older equipment is replaced in a timely manner. For example, the Landfill microwave link (5–10MB, 10+ years old) was replaced with microwave radios operating at 100MB in a fully redundant ring around the campus.
  9. Production Printers
    The Copy Center copiers were upgraded to production quality printers. This upgrade resulted in improved product quality and enhanced capabilities. The upgrade also improved print speed, efficiency, and includes cost savings by allowing us to bring jobs like business cards in-house versus outsourcing to a vendor.
  10. Exterior Building Envelope Updates
    Fire Rescue Headquarters received a much-needed tuck-pointing in 2016. This project consisted of rebuilding the hose tower that was starting to fall apart along with new brick. The west, south, and east sides of the building were fully tuck-pointed along with minor brick repair. This project will help with energy efficiency and water infiltration.