City Attorney’s Office Top Wins

  1. New Human Rights Attorney and Human Relations Technician
    The City Attorney’s Office added two new team members in 2016: Human Relations Assistant City Attorney Ryan Sage and Human Relations Specialist Jennifer Tuttle. Each brings extensive experience, which will assist the City Attorney’s Office in all parts of our mission. Sage has devoted his entire legal career to prosecution and has been especially instrumental in ensuring victim rights. Tuttle admirably served our country in the U.S. Army and was recently honorably discharged. She has extensive organizational and technical support skills that will assist the Human Relations team.
  2. Compassionate Sioux Falls Initiative
    The Human Relations Division is leading the Compassionate Sioux Falls Initiative, which is a public/private partnership involving City employees, private individuals, and community groups and organizations. The City recognizes that the residents of Sioux Falls generally act with compassion. This initiative encourages the community to continue to act with compassion and become a community that is not only tolerant of all, but accepting of all as well. Since its inception in 2016, Compassionate Sioux Falls has spotlighted 12 organizations that demonstrate compassion, and it has partnered with Siouxland Libraries in establishing a “Living Library” program. In the near future, Compassionate Sioux Falls will partner with other organizations to develop an education and training curriculum for elementary and middle school students. Compassionate Sioux Falls will continue to recognize community members, groups, and organizations that act with compassion and will also continue to host activities to raise awareness and raise the level of compassion within our community.
  3. Downtown Parking Ramp Project
    The City Attorney’s Office has been providing legal assistance to Community Development as it plans to build a new parking ramp located at Mall Avenue and Tenth Street with a potential private partnership with a private developer for commercial/retail space and residential living. This project will require the drafting of the construction manager at risk, architect, and developer agreements along with working with bond counsel in the drafting of the bond ordinance to finance the project. The City Attorney’s Office will coordinate efforts with outside counsel in the drafting of these documents.
  4. City Administration Building Project
    The City Attorney’s Office has been providing the legal assistance for the successful completion of the City Administration Building project. This new building will provide much-needed space for greater collaboration among City departments and better customer service for the citizens of Sioux Falls.
  5. Timely and Reliable Legal Support to City Government
    The City Attorney’s Office provided timely and reliable legal support on numerous issues to the entire City government team, including the Mayor, City Council, department directors and staff, and the citizen boards and commissions.