Code Enforcement

Who to Contact?

The City relies on proactive citizens to report code violations, such as trash, junk, debris, uncontrolled weeds and grass, abandoned vehicles, excessive noise, and other unsafe conditions.

Call 367-8613 or use the resources below to help keep our city safe and clean.

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Parking Strips

Parking strips are the narrow strips of lawn between your sidewalk and the street. Because of its narrow feature and proximity to the asphalt and cement, this area tends be used in a variety of ways that can make it difficult to maintain. The City of Sioux Falls is encouraging its residents to take advantage of the new parking strip ordinance by planting water wise plants and flowers, or using either pavers or rocks in a limited area of the parking strip.

Parking Strip Plantings Brochure

A newly updated City ordinance allows for additional flexibility in plantings in parking strips while preserving the functionality of the public right-of-way.

The updated ordinance allows turf or native grasses; approved street trees; annual, biennial, or perennial plants; cultivated flowers; wildflowers; and fruits and vegetables. To maintain the safety of the right-of-way, some restrictions apply. Those include:

  • Plants must be maintained at a height of no more than 36″ from the top of the curb.
  • Neither plants with thorns, spines, or other sharp rigid parts nor evergreen or deciduous shrubs are allowed.
  • Plant material may not overhang or encroach onto the sidewalk.
  • Wood mulch may be used only on a limited basis around plantings as a water-conservation measure.
  • Turf grass must be maintained at a height of no more than 8″.
  • Boulders and structural encroachments like retaining walls, fences, and steps are prohibited.
  • Landscaping pavers, edging, and nominal-size rock mulch may be used in up to one quarter (1/4) of the parking strip but can’t spill onto the street or sidewalk.

The ordinance will be phased in to allow adequate time for property owners to make changes. This year the City is working to educate residents regarding the ordinance, including offering information about the best things to plant in the parking strip, working with landscapers and gardening clubs, and more. In 2017, properties out of compliance with the ordinance will be begin receiving warnings, and strict enforcement of the ordinance will begin in 2018. However, if a property’s parking strip landscaping poses an immediate health or safety threat, the property owner will be asked to remove the items now.

To provide input into the proposed ordinance, please contact:
Matt Tobias, Code Enforcement Manager