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Through the Neighborhood Revitalization Program, local and federal dollars are allocated to Sioux Falls Housing Corporation dba Affordable Housing Solutions for the acquisition and development of affordable housing within the core areas of Sioux Falls.  These funds are used to acquire and redevelop properties that have vacant dilapidated/unsafe structures that are contributing to a neighborhood’s deterioration. The condition of these structures is such that renovation by the private owner may not be financially feasible and as such that allows Affordable Housing Solutions the opportunity to acquire these sites for redevelopment through demolition or rehabilitation whichever is more cost effective.  Sites will be developed as affordable single family housing or if appropriate for the site into smaller affordable multi-family housing developments.  Newly constructed or rehabbed single family homes are required to be owner occupied and then sold to households with incomes at or below 80 percent of the area median family income.  Multi-family housing units that are developed are also required to be rented to households at or below 80 percent of the median income.  Most of these multi-family units are set aside for those households at and below 60 percent of the Sioux Falls median income.  This program helps to reverse the progression of deterioration in our older neighborhoods, as well as provide more options to low-income homebuyers and renters.

Contact Affordable Housing Solutions at 605-221-0430 concerning the availability of and/or eligibility for any of the single family home sites or multi-family unit availability listed below.

Single Family Homes completed/currently for sale 2017:

  • 1420 East 3rd Street

Single Family Homes to be constructed/for sale in 2017:

  • 517 South Elmwood Avenue
  • 821 North Sherwood Avenue (twin home)
  • 301 South St. Paul Avenue (CTE school site)
  • 523 South Duluth Avenue
  • 503 South Summit Avenue
  • 2605 South Duluth Avenue
  • 600 South Lincoln Avenue
  • 612 South Williams Avenue
  • 232 North Euclid Avenue

Single Family Homes under construction in 2018:

  • 514 North Indiana Avenue
  • 915 North Blauvelt Avenue
  • 923 North Blauvelt Avenue

Multi-family sites completed in 2017:

  • 200 South Summit Avenue (tentative March 2017)

Multi-family sites identified for future construction:

  • 700 North French Avenue
  • 208 North Nesmith Avenue
  • 212 North Nesmith Avenue
  • 214 North Nesmith Avenue