Community Development Top 10 Wins

  1. Mixed-Use Parking Ramp: The mixed-use parking ramp proposal was approved by the City Council in December 2017. It will provide more than 500 publicly available parking spaces in the heart of downtown. It will also include privately funded development of at least 120 hotel rooms and 35,000 square feet of commercial space. The estimated total project investment is more than $50 million, including $20.6 million for the public parking project and more than $30 million for the private development.
  2. First Development at Foundation Park: Win Chill selected Sioux Falls for a 54-acre development in Foundation Park. Win Chill is a 205,000-square-foot cold storage and distribution facility that will invest $40 million in their Phase 1 development.
  3. Retention and Expansion of 100-Year Sioux Falls Company: Gage Brothers selected Sioux Falls for a 45-acre development project. Their investment is estimated at $40 million and retained more than 250 jobs.
  4. Major Downtown Development/Redevelopment on Phillips to the Falls: The $43.5 million Cascade project, located on Phillips Avenue near Falls Park, was approved in late 2017. The project is a result of a City-issued request for proposals. The City supported the project through a $4.1 million tax increment financing incentive. Lloyd Companies will remove blighted buildings, remediate contaminated soil, and improve public infrastructure including drainage, parking, and roads as a result. The project will include more than 200 apartment units, 20,000 square feet of commercial space, 250 private parking spaces, and 100 public on-street parking spaces.
  5. Railyard Redevelopment “Rail Breaking”: The City initiated an RFQ/RFP process to redevelop the railyard in the late spring. The process resulted in nationwide interest from six firms. The City continues to review details of proposals and redevelopment timelines to deliver the first private redevelopment project in 2018. The City held a rail breaking in November to commemorate the City’s sole possession of the land and to start the rail removal process.
  6. Public/Private Partnership to Expand Affordable Housing: The City of Sioux Falls partnered with private developers and the South Dakota Housing Development Authority (SDHDA) to fund 135 new multifamily housing units through a $1.3 million City investment and a $16.9 million SDHDA tax credit investment. The City’s investment will be repaid and proceeds dedicated to enhancing the quality and supply of affordable housing in Sioux Falls.
  7. Creating Opportunity and Hope for the Homeless: Community Development supported the Bright Futures Program with $300,000 that provided rental assistance and life skills to 71 homeless or nearly homeless families.
  8. Revitalizing Neighborhoods, Improving and Increasing the Supply of Affordable Housing: In 2017, Community Development constructed and sold nine homes and repaired 92 homes through a $2.4 million City investment. The proceeds of the sales and repayment of repair loans will be used to acquire additional property for redevelopment and to repair existing single-family housing to improve the quality and safety of households and neighborhoods.
  9. Improving Government Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Transparency: The City of Sioux Falls was selected as a Bloomberg Philanthropies “What Works City.” The designation led to partnerships with prominent organizations including the Sunlight Foundation, Johns Hopkins University, and Harvard University. The City developed an open data executive order and guidance document as a result of this partnership.
  10. Sustaining and Improving Existing Public Parking Infrastructure: Parking ramp facility improvements were completed at Block 11, 1st Avenue, and 8th & Dakota. The $275,000 of improvements will improve connectivity, functionality, aesthetics, and ADA access at parking facilities.