Human Resources Top 10 Wins

  1. Pension Ordinance Revisions/Created New 115 Trust
    In collaboration with the City’s Finance Department, numerous revisions to the pension ordinances were approved to address the Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB) account after 2013 pension reform changes closed the plan. Existing actuarially determined health liabilities will be fully funded and excess dollars resulting from the closure of the plan in 401(h) account will remain in the pension trust to address unfunded pension obligations. Pension ordinances were also modified to GAAP accounting standards and various changes were made for federally required compliance issues.
  2. Labor Negotiations
    The City successfully negotiated a two-year labor contract (2017–2018) with the International Association of Firefighters, Local 814.
  3. Successful Transition to Munis Applicant Tracking System
    In 2016, Human Resources developed and implemented an entirely new applicant tracking module and modified current employment processes as necessary to adapt to the new technology, improving efficiency in the hiring process.
  4. Monthly Police Officer Testing
    In order to be responsive to the hiring demands and our applicants, the City of Sioux Falls is now offering monthly electronic Police officer testing. This will provide a more effective means to fulfilling recruit classes.
  5. Firefighter Entrance Testing Now Electronic
    Human Resources successfully transitioned from paper to electronic testing for firefighters. This allows instant test results and allows candidates who pass the written test to proceed directly to the physical agility test. This becomes a much more efficient process and reduces administrative and applicant time during the hiring process.
  6. Safety Project Team
    The City is utilizing this cross-departmental team to carry out safety priorities across the organization. In collaboration with the Safety Champions from each department, the team engaged in five landmark activities to sustain safe practices and procedures into daily operations by (a) creating organizational mission and values in safety; (b) furthering policy and program development in significant hazard areas such as confined space, chemical safety, and electrical safety; (c) initiating standardized work in hazard recognition and control with department building inspections; (d) delivering active killer training to the entire workforce; and (e) developing Phase I of safety training compliance with standardized safety training matrix.
  7. Take 5 for Life
    This employee training and development program reached every department across the City and achieved an approximate 50 percent participation rate. Take 5 was a foundational training series designed to enhance self-awareness and build effective thinking skills. The training allowed for better understanding of self and coworkers and how best to communicate.
  8. Employment Statistics
    Human Resources hired 110 new employees, including 35 Police officers and 5 firefighters, coordinated 44 promotions\transfers, and processed 26 retirements.
  9. Successfully Implemented Second Munis Upgrade
    The City’s financial system, including payroll, was upgraded to version 11.2 in 2016, providing for many enhancements to end users and supervisors.
  10. Employee Self Service (ESS) for Temporary Employees
    All temporary employees were transitioned from paper time sheets to electronic ESS time entry for improved efficiencies.