Application Items Received to Date

Application Items Received to Date

Various development applications that are preparing to proceed forward to building permits and construction may need a prior public hearing. Applications need to be submitted to the Planning Office by the second Monday of the month, in order to proceed forward to the following months Planning Commission meeting.

The applications received to date are listed within this section. Not all applications will be heard at the next meeting based upon deferrals or withdrawals. Please contact Planning staff for updated agendas.

The City of Sioux Falls Planning Commission serves as an advisory Board to the City Council. It is the responsibility of the Planning Commission to consider and make recommendations on land use and zoning matters.

The meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month at 6 p.m. at the Carnegie Town Hall, 235 W. Ninth Street. The meetings are televised on City Link Channel 16.

Applications are placed on the monthly Planning Commission agenda. In order to place certain non-controversial items on the Commission's consent agenda, planning staff and the Planning Commission applies the following criteria:

  • First - The request conforms with the city's 2035 Land Use Plan
  • Second - Planning staff recommends approval of the request;
  • Third - There are no audience members present, or written comments received, in opposition to the request; and
  • Fourth - The application meets all conditions and requirements of the ordinance.

The consent agenda will be approved with one motion. If you want to speak on a consent item, come up to the podium during this time.

The Planning Commission Chairperson will request planning staff to present a brief report on each item, then they will require that the applicant come forward to make a statement or answer questions. After the petitioner; anyone from the audience who wishes to address a particular agenda item shall be recognized. After all public testimony has been taken, the Planning Commission will “close” the hearing and vote to approve, deny or defer the item.