We Live Within Our Means in Sioux Falls: Mayor’s 2018–2022 Capital Program Makes Streets and Utilities the Priority

Today, Mayor Mike Huether presented his recommended $548 million capital program for 2018–2022. Ninety percent of capital improvement projects are allocated to streets and utilities. The five-year program prioritizes the investments across the city, with nearly $108 million in projects planned for 2018, including street and utility infrastructure, park improvements, and public safety commitments.

“We have accomplished much over the past seven years, and we will leave the next administration on solid financial ground, too. We made some very tough but necessary choices with our recommended capital program,” says Mayor Mike Huether.

Infrastructure investments continue to remain the number one priority for the city’s capital commitment. The capital program allocates more than $241 million to rebuild and expand the City’s street infrastructure. Major street reconstruction projects include Madison Street, Minnesota Avenue, and 41st Street, and arterial street expansions include Tea/Ellis Road, Sycamore Avenue, and 69th Street. In addition, nearly $65 million is planned to overhaul about 820 blocks of city streets, including overlay and concrete pavement restoration. Heavy investments in utilities are also planned with more than $162 million dedicated to water and water reclamation projects.

Parks and Recreation projects will total nearly $23 million over the next five years, including a partnership with the national and local Levitt groups to build an event shell at Falls Park West in 2018. Parks’ capital dollars will focus on maintaining and renovating existing park amenities.

Director of Finance Tracy Turbak states, “With softening sales tax revenue, hard choices had to be made this year to prioritize capital investments. We truly had to focus on the most critical needs in our City, which all center on strong infrastructure.”

The full capital program is available at The Mayor will present his entire 2018 recommended budget on Tuesday, July 18, 2017, at 2:30 p.m.