Falls Park West Master Plan

The Big Idea

The vision of Falls Park West begins with the Big Sioux River and how the river interacts with downtown Sioux Falls. By responding to the history of the site and forms of downtown, the design creates a layered public space that addresses the needs voiced in the Downtown 2025 planning process. The “river” of turf defined by a historic gabion seat wall allows flexibility of uses while still keeping the interior view shed unobstructed from north to south. “Street” crossings are large hardscape pedestrian areas crossing the “river” east to west and provide multiple locations and flexibility for stages, concerts, and large events. “Pedestrian bridges” crossing the turf are smaller avenues of pedestrian access that reflect the history of the site by being built out of pavers and outlined by rail lines. The natural weaving forms of the river punctuated by multiple crossings create “pockets” of activity around the edges of the space. These pockets provide spaces to tell the history of Falls Park, opportunities for multiple play elements, and shaded seating/dining. All of these pockets will be formed by the “river” seat wall, and be surrounded by native landscaping. The design not only provides a connection from downtown Sioux Falls to Falls Park, but also creates a variety of unique spaces that will keep residents and visitors coming back year to year.

Please feel free to review the pages of the master plan in the resource section for detailed information on the Falls Park West Master Plan.