Planning and Building Services Top 10 Wins

  1. Record Construction Valuation and Number of Housing Units Permitted
    Construction activity continues to break records in Sioux Falls for the fourth year in a row. The construction valuation for building permits issued by Building Services in 2016 reached $701,851,489 for the year, the first time in history the $700 million mark has been reached. In 2015, the record was $676.3 million, and the previous record set in 2014 was $619.5 million. The total in 2013 was $588.2 million. This year’s record was driven in part by a record number of dwelling units. In 2016, a total of 2,647 dwelling units were permitted in Sioux Falls. The previous record was 2,056 dwelling units, set in 2014.
  2. Floodplain Ordinance Adopted
    Based upon the flood control system being updated and the new flood insurance rate maps being released in 2016 prior to becoming effective in 2017, the floodplain management ordinances were adopted on August 26, 2016. Updated risks are associated with these ordinances, hydraulic and hydrologic analyses are required per subdivisions within risk areas to protect property owners, and subdivisions near risk areas (but not in risk areas) have protection standards.
  3. Shape Sioux Falls Update Completed
    The comprehensive plan—Shape Sioux Falls—underwent a public review and subsequent adoption in 2016. Four public open houses were held during May, staff presented updated populations, land area required and proposed, and updated maps. Staff also facilitated discussions with both Lincoln and Minnehaha counties, Brandon, Crooks, Harrisburg, Hartford, and Tea.
  4. Development Summary
    The Planning Commission acted on 146 items during 2016. The six-year average has been 148.4. In 2015, they acted upon 127 items. The Planning Commission acted on 80 change of zones during 2016 with April being the busiest month with 14. The Planning Commission also acted on 14 preliminary plans during 2016 with May being the busiest month with three. The Planning Commission acted on 33 conditional uses during 2016 with July being the busiest month with six. The joint City of Sioux Falls/Minnehaha County/Lincoln County group acted upon one rezone and 16 conditional uses.
  5. Transit Development Plan and Paratransit Budget
    In 2016, Sioux Area Metro and Planning and Building Services completed an update to the Transit Development Plan. The Transit Development Plan contains public transportation system strategies, includes a ten-year financial strategy, provides an implementation plan for new or modified routes, and reviews the demand for public transportation services in the community. In addition, Sioux Area Metro Paratransit costs were reduced in 2016 through a new pilot project that included a new nonprofit transportation provider that targeted day trips for Dakotabilities and LifeScape. The pilot project reduced Paratransit rides on Sioux Area Metro by 7,400 trips and reduced Paratransit costs by $175,000.
  6. Strategic Plan Implementation
    Throughout 2014 and 2015, Planning and Building Services worked together to develop a vision, goals, and a strategic direction to improve our mission. During 2016, the department was able to complete quarterly meetings of management and 34 of the 36 action steps. The 2017 strategic timeline also was developed.
  7. Employee Wellness Program
    In 2016, Planning and Building Services initiated an Employee Wellness Program and elected three Wellness Champions. The Wellness Champions worked closely with Human Resources to schedule all of the Take 5 trainings for the entire Planning and Building Services Department. The Wellness Champions also organized after-hour events that brought the department and their families together to get to know one another on a personal level. These events included attending a Canaries game, golf tournament, after-hours social events, and participating in the United Way bean bag tournament.
  8. Code Enforcement
    Throughout 2016, the Code Enforcement management team met more than 20 times. Over that time, the team coordinated and closed out four challenging properties that have been on the City’s radar for a number of years as well as managed the City’s active code enforcement cases. Also in 2016, the Code Enforcement team played a role in developing the new parking strip ordinance and modifying the rental registration ordinance.
  9. Customer Service Program
    Throughout 2016, Planning and Building Services provided various services and applications throughout City Hall and our website to promote different programs and information. 2016 saw the website transformed to be more user-friendly. Posters within City Hall were used to promote important information from citizen boards, property maintenance, flooding, and new building codes to the growth of Sioux Falls. In addition, Planning and Building Services concluded 2016 by seeking out comments about possible improvements for service while providing a customer appreciation week with treats and acknowledgements for the citizens and businesses of Sioux Falls.
  10. Railyard Redevelopment Plan
    In 2015, the City of Sioux Falls acquired 10.25 acres of property from the BNSF Railway to redevelop into a multiuse district with connection to the River Greenway and downtown. In July 2016, the City selected RDG Planning & Design to work with the Planning team to review existing conditions, host stakeholder sessions, create preliminary master plan concepts, prepare a market analysis, and refine the development concept. This is a historic opportunity to transform and generate a highly viable market for mixed-use projects.