Lives Change @ Your Library


National Library Week 2014 

Lives Change @ Your Library

Siouxland Libraries asked you to tell us your story about how the library has impacted you and opened your mind. Essays were judged and winners were selected in three age categories. 

Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry for the National Library Week Contest. The winners are:


Lives Change customer comments  Lives Change customer comments

We asked you to finish this statement, "My life has changed at the library..." Here are some of your comments.


  • Because I can learn about anything I want.
  • I can take my French class online since my school doesn't have French as an elective.
  • I have access to great references for my research papers.
  • I learned to write from copying words and letters from easy books, then harder, and later I knew how to write. After that I read books. I also have become very smart from books. Now I love many series of books! Because of books I can't stop reading and writing, and it's all because books. And I have to say it's really the library!

Programs and classes...

  • I love storytime and the librarians, too. 
  • Love books and storytime!


  • Because of all the great adventures I've gone on through reading BOOKS! 
  • I take books home to read to Mom or Dad. 
  • During a bad divorce, it was a place of comfort. 
  • Because they have fun books and movies so my family gets together. 
  • I have learned so much about Europe using the library resources. I can't wait for my trip! 
  • Books have taken me around the world, taught me to spell and been a loyal friend!


  • I landed my dream job because of the library! They have books on resumes and databases that helped my education. 
  • Because I was able to check books out for school…which in the end saved me money. 
  • My life has changed because it has helped me get better grades! 
  • I have access to printers that allow me to get my homework done. 
  • They have computers and I was able to write scholarship essays for college on them. 
  • Because I can be creative and now I love to read big books and have fun. 
  • I'm able to come to the library and use the computers. I received an 'A' on the project!


  • I have been going to the library/bookmobile for as long as I can remember. I love to read!
  • Allowing me to have access to more literature for FREE!! 
  • I like being at the library looking at books. I like to draw and love doing my letters. 
  • I used to not like to read but now I LOVE to Read!!! 
  • By providing me with books for entertainment and education. 
  • Because I get cheered up by reading books. 
  • I have been introduced to new authors and I have learned many rewarding and exciting things! 

Other comments...

  • Libraries have so many items to offer. Visiting the library is a learning and rewarding experience! 
  • Great service provided to our community. What would we do without it! 
  • We have great reading and outstanding location -- easy to get to and hours I can get there. Don't change a thing! 
  • Due to the wonderful helpful staff. 
  • Because I have had an awesome time with the librarians!