Curbside Pickup

We've made curbside pickup even easier!

Did you receive a notification that your items are ready to pick up at Brandon, Caille, Downtown, Oak View, Prairie West, or Ronning? 

Schedule your appointment here!

Not picking up your items at one of those locations?

The following branches are available for curbside pickup at the times below. Please call the phone numbers listed before you arrive.

Baltic | Thursdays 4:30-6:00 | 605-529-5415
Colton | Tuesdays 4:00-6:00 | 446-3519
Crooks | Mondays 4:00-6:00 | 367-6384
Garretson | Mondays 3:00-5:30 & Fridays 10:00-12:00 | 594-6619
Hartford | Thursdays 4:00-6:00 | 367-6380
Humboldt | Wednesdays 4:00-6:00 | 363-3361
Valley Springs | Thursdays 5:00-6:30 | 757-6264

How does curbside pickup work?

  • Get started by visiting the library catalog.
  • Look for items that are available now and place a request.
  • You will receive a notification from the library that you have items available for pickup. Set your own pickup appointment, or call us at 367-8700 and we can help you get set up.
  • Once you schedule an appointment, you will receive details about where to pick up your items when you arrive at the library.
  • Your items will be placed on a table or cart outside the library. If you have items to return, please put them in the book return.

I got multiple notifications for items I have waiting for me, do I need more than one curbside appointment?

No. All items you have waiting for you will be included in your curbside package, even if you received multiple notifications from the library. Only one appointment is needed.

What if I no longer want to check out the items I have on hold?

Please call 367-8700 and we will help cancel your holds.

Are the libraries open so that we can browse for items?

Not at this time. If you need assistance finding items in our catalog, we are happy to help! Call us at 367-8700 weekdays from 9am to 5pm, or send us an email at

What if I can't remember my library card number and PIN to place a request?

We can help with that, too. Email us or call us (367-8700) and we will get you set up.

What about interlibrary loans?

At this time, we will not be accepting new interlibrary loan requests. If you have an interlibrary loan item waiting for you from before the time we closed, we will include this item in your curbside pickup appointment.

Is this safe? Are the books clean?

All returned library books are quarantined for three days before processing and shelving. This time period is based on CDC recommendations: Paper (24 hours), Plastics (2-3 days). Staff are using CDC-recommended practices for handling your materials.

We ask that you practice social distancing, self-monitor for COVID-19 symptoms, and wear face masks when you pick up your materials from the library.