Rental Registration

* NOTICE - The City of Sioux Falls is currently making changes to the Rental Registration process and program. Updates will be available soon.*


Property owners  using property as housing rentals are required by ordinance 150.175 to register and obtain a permit from the City to use such property as residential unit(s).


  • Properties that are renting out whole portions of a structure or property.
  • Short Term rental properties (such as Airbnb, VRBO, etc.)
Households renting out a single room of their property and sharing common space (please note that properties are limited to up to three unrelated persons living at the same address)
Once, unless ownership or contacts need to be updated. Permits can be revoked if a property has four code violations resulting in citations and fines within a four year period.


The City of Sioux Falls requires rental registration to ultimately protect citizens by providing a path of communication if issues come up.

Any building or structure, including the land it's on, that is offered as a place to live is considered a residential rental unit. This does include properties rented for 28 consecutive days or less (short-term rentals). However, this does not include owner-occupied, on-campus housing, hospitals nursing home, hotels or motels.

Prior to any advertisement, soliciting, or occupancy by renter of a unit the property needs to have a residential rental permit issued for it. Any failure to disclose accurate information known to the applicant or if the property had three code violations resulting in citations within the last three years shall be cause for denial of the application. Any change in information on an application needs to be done in writing within 30 calendar days.

Permit supporting information (required):

  1. Name, mailing address, and phone number of the property owner;
  2. If owner resides more than 50 miles from Sioux Falls, a separate contact (same information as #1) who does live within 50 miles and is able to provide or approve property upkeep;
  3. Address of rental unit(s);
  4. Number and type of units (Examples; duplex. 3 sleeping rooms, a single family house, etc.);
  5. Verify that the owner of responsible party has not been in violation in the previous three calendar years and failed to make the required corrections.

Permit revocation can happen if four code violations resulting in citation and fines occur within four consecutive calendar years (excluding snow tickets and tree tickets). If a permit is revoked the city will notice and provide a reasonable opportunity for the owner to correct the code issue. Appeals go through an independent hearing examiner process after written notice of appeal is provided within 15 days of decision to revoke the rental permit (a $50 processing fee is applicable, see 30.40 (b) for details on what needs to be included in the appeal request). Once revoked, a renewal permit will only be issued once all code violations have been corrected and approved by city inspection and all citations have been paid.

Property defects in violation of city ordinances may lead to a revoke or suspension of a rental permit. The city may also seek to not allow a property to be operated as a residential unit through other legal means.

Transferring a permit to another owner of contact person shall be done by written notice for the new name and address within 30 days of the change.

Just because a permit for residential rental is issued does not provide approval to any violations or issues that may be active at the time of permitting.


Email Rental Registrations to:

Property Maintenance Inspector:
Property Maintenance (605) 978-6900