Audit Committee

The Internal Audit function consists of an Internal Audit Manager and two Internal Auditors. To provide for independence of the internal audit activity, the Audit Committee oversees the auditing activities and reviews and approves audit reports and the Annual Audit Plan.

The Audit Committee consists of seven members. Four are City Council members and the remaining three members are citizen-appointed members from the community of Sioux Falls. All of the citizen members have finance and/or audit experience.

Terms for Council members on the Audit Committee are one year with no limit on reappointment. Outside members may serve no more than two 3-year terms.


  • Please see agenda for meeting time.
  • Carnegie Town Hall, 235 West Tenth Street, Sioux Falls, SD 57104

Committee Members

  • Council Member - David Barranco, Chair*
  • Council Member - Alex Jensen*
  • Council Member - Rich Merkouris*
  • Council Member - Greg Neitzert*
  • Dean Buckneberg - term expires May, 2023
  • Tony Goettsch - term expires August, 2024
  • Rose Grant - term expires August, 2023
*Committee terms expire May 2024