Innovation & Technology


DoIt Mission:

The Department of Innovation and Technology exists to provide responsive and cost-effective service to both City Employees and City Residents.

Who We Are

Civic Analytics

The Civic Analytics team strives to enable everyone to directly use the power of location and data to make better decisions. We provide professional geospatial, analytic, and cartographic services for the City of Sioux Falls and its residents. Our employees work as geoengineers, application developers, data managers, integrators, asset management administrators, editors, project managers, cartographers, cadastral and addressing specialists, and data storytellers. Civic Analytics prides itself on our professional ethics which ensures that our data, spatial and non-spatial, is of the highest quality and our applications and open data can be trusted as an authoritative source of information.


The Innovation Team at the City of Sioux Falls exists to simply make things better. Innovation is a core value that our city prides itself on and we are proud to support our city employees and residents through creative problem solving. We use tools such as human-centered design, data collection and manipulation, process improvements, and public/private partnerships. 

Information Technology 

The Information Technology department serves our city employees and residents through development, implementation and maintenance of all technology systems for the City of Sioux Falls. Our team consists of a wide variety of systems analysts, infrastructure teams, systems staff and a full service IT Support Help Desk. We aim to provide high quality service to keep our city services running 24/7/365. We all work together to focus on three tenants: provide maximum uptime, secure the data we are entrusted with, and provide great customer service.


The Communications department loves to engage with our city employees and residents to ensure their message is expressed clearly and effectively. We do this through multiple channels such as document publishing, web and social media offices and our CityLink photography and video office. The staff of our department aims to serve all our customers through engaging and accurate work completed.