Street Types

  • Avenue (Ave) – A road generally running north and south
  • Boulevard (Blvd) – A minor street divided by a median
  • Circle (Cir) – All cul-de-sacs
  • Court (Ct) – A road with two openings which enters and exits on the same street
  • Drive (Dr) – A road running northwest to southeast
  • Lane (Ln) – A road running northeast to southwest
  • Parkway (Pkwy) – Limited access roads such as major streets which are divided by a median
  • Place (Pl) – All private roads
  • Road (Rd) – A road running both east and west or north and south for significant lengths; only assigned for major rights-of-way
  • Street (St) – A road generally running east and west
  • Trail (Trl) – A road which wanders in different directions

Certain street types are prohibited. No new plans shall be approved which use Square, Ridge, Pass, Way, or Terrace as a suffix for a street name.