The School Traffic Advisory Committee in Sioux Falls, better known as PATH (Pedestrians Avoiding Traffic Hazards) Committee was officially established by resolution of the Sioux Falls City Commission on May 11, 1981. Prior to this official action, an ad hoc committee was formed in the Hawthorne-Cathedral Elementary School area to “conduct a Safe Route to School Study and develop a method and/or system to be used at the other local elementary schools in Sioux Falls”.

The Hawthorne-Cathedral ad hoc committee held its first meeting on February 3, 1977. After many meetings, the committee issued a report, which is still being used as the basis for PATH programs throughout the City. Sometime during the 1980-81 school term, a citizens group began meeting regularly to discuss common safety problems and the formal establishment of a citywide PATH Committee.

Resolution 154-81 provided for 15 members, including eight citizens representing the four quadrants of the city as defined by the boundaries of 18th Street and Minnesota Avenue, the city PTA president, and one representative from each of the following: the School District Central Office Administration, an elementary school principal, Sioux Falls School Board, the SD Safety Council, the Police Department, and the City Engineering Divisions Traffic Engineer. In 1983, the City Commission approved a resolution adding a representative of the South Dakota AAA to the list of members. Shortly thereafter Sioux Falls Catholic Schools were also being represented through their own member slot.