Board of Historic Preservation

The Board of Historic Preservation promotes the use and conservation of historic properties for the education, inspiration, pleasure, and enrichment of the citizens of Sioux Falls. Annual promotions include participation in the Sioux Empire Home Show in March and selection of a property owner to receive the Mayor’s Historic Preservation Award in May.

Number of Members


Special Qualifications

The Board includes at least two members who are professionals from the disciplines of history, architectural history, architecture, urban planning, American studies, American civilization, cultural geography, cultural anthropology, archaeology, or law. The Board also includes at least three members who are nonprofessional members and represent a demonstrated interest, experience, or knowledge in historic preservation.

Residency/Registered Voter Requirement

Do not have to be a registered voter.

Summary of Duties

Serve in an advisory capacity, providing guidance and recommendations to the Mayor and City Council on matters related to historic preservation and the City’s seven historical districts.

Diane deKoeyer
Planning and Building Services
City Center
231 North Dakota Avenue 
P.O. Box 7402 
Sioux Falls, SD 57117-7402