Cathedral Historic District

The Cathedral Historic District

In June 1974, the Sioux Falls Historic District became the first historic district in South Dakota to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places. More commonly referred to as the Cathedral Historic District, this old Sioux Falls neighborhood contains approximately 220 structures. Of these, 46 percent were built before 1900, and 85 percent were completed by 1920. It is one of South Dakota's outstanding cultural resources and is considered the best residential historic district in the state.

Situated on a hill overlooking downtown, the District contains many palatial homes of prominent early residents. Its diverse array of Victorian-era architecture was built for an early "Who's Who" of Sioux Falls citizenry. Examples of native quartzite street pavers, stone hitching posts, and some quartzite curbing also remain.

The district includes the monumental St. Joseph Cathedral. Its twin spires have been a prominent and distinctive feature of the Sioux Falls skyline since 1915. The Pettigrew Home and Museum is also located in the district. It has been painstakingly restored inside and out, and is handsomely appointed with the original furnishings and finishes that were present when Richard F. Pettigrew, South Dakota's first U.S. Senator, lived in the home.


Pettigrew Home & Museum
131 N. Duluth Avenue

Rodge/Manchester Home
215 N. Summit Avenue

Bailey/Edgerton/Kirby Home
350 N. Duluth Avenue