The Downtown District

The Downtown Historic District

The Downtown Historic District, added to the National Register of Historic Places on January 3, 1995, is home to 57 historic building, representing the great diversity that is typical for a central business district. The historic uses represented include retail stores, banks, hotels, restaurants, office buildings, automobile dealerships, a hospital, a funeral home, a theater, fraternal halls, Sioux Falls City Hall, a federal building, a public library, a fire station, and four apartment buildings. Many have been recently restored.

The buildings range from the Romanesque revival and classical revival styles of the 1880s to the Art Deco and W.P.A. era Moderne of the early 1930s. Many of the oldest buildings in the district are constructed of Sioux quartzite. Among these are the Central Fire Station at 9th and Minnesota Avenue, the federal building at 12th and Phillips Avenue, and the Carnegie Library (now home to the Civic Fine Arts) at 10th and Dakota Avenue.

A good example of the Romanesque Revival style is the Peck-Norton-Murray Block at 126 S. Phillips Avenue, better known as the Beach-Pay building. City Hall, at 9th and Dakota Avenue, is a wonderful example of the Moderne architectural style. The Masonic Grand Lodge Library at 415 S. Main Avenue is possibly the best example of Classical Revival style to be found in South Dakota.

Central Fire Station (1913) Beach-Pay Block (1887) Rummel Block Building (1895)

Central Fire Station
100 S. Minnesota Avenue

Beach-Pay Block
126 S. Phillips Avenue

Rummel Block Building
209 S. Phillips Avenue