Annual Mayor’s Historic Preservation Award


The purpose of the Mayor’s Historic Preservation Award is to recognize meaningful achievements in historic preservation by an individual, organization, company, or agency through advocacy, education, investment, support, or service, and to stimulate greater public awareness and understanding of historic preservation efforts.

The Award:

The Mayor’s Historic Preservation Award is a collaborative effort of the Sioux Falls Board of Historic Preservation and the Mayor of Sioux Falls. The preservation of historic resources revitalizes neighborhoods, adds to the revenue of the community, and preserves the overall character of the city.

The award recognizes those: 

  • whose skill and determination have given new life to their communities through preservation;
  • whose contributions demonstrate notable achievements in preserving the heritage of Sioux Falls;
  • who have been successful in advancing the goals of historic preservation; and
  • who have made extraordinary contributions to saving a historic place.

Eligibility Guidelines: 

  • All individual accomplishments, projects and programs are limited to activities involving historic resources eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places. 
  • Nominated projects must be focused on structures at least 50 years old. 
  • Candidate(s) must have made significant contributions to the advancement of historic preservation to properties located within the city limits. 
  • Candidate must be the current and legal owner of the historic property in which merit for the Historic Preservation Award is being considered. Property with multiple owners will also be considered. 
  • Candidate must have demonstrated exceptional restoration, rehabilitation, or adaptive use of historic buildings and structures; especially projects that result in urban revitalization through historic preservation. 
  • Candidate must have used proper historic preservation guidance as outlined in the Secretary of Interior Standards for Rehabilitation of Historic Properties,, for identifying, retaining, and preserving the form and details of historic properties. This includes adhering to the philosophy that emphasizes maintaining and protecting first, repairing second, and replacing only when maintenance or repairs are not feasible or cost-effective.  Nominations submitted in previous years that were not selected to receive an award may be resubmitted. 
  • Nominations may be made without the knowledge of the nominee. 
  • Self-nominations will be accepted. 
  • All nominated projects must disclose the amount and source of any grant assistance. This does not disqualify them from receiving the award. 
  • Sioux Falls Board of Historic Preservation members are not eligible to receive a Mayor’s Historic Preservation Award for individual achievement during the period of their active service.


Special consideration given to candidates whose properties have been placed on the National Register of Historical Places.