About the Human Relations Commission

About the Human Relations Commission

Sioux Falls City Ordinance Chapter 98.001 prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, disability, or familial status.

The ordinance applies only in the following areas: employment, housing, public services, public accommodations, financial institutions, insurance companies, labor organizations, and educational institutions. Religious organizations are exempt only as to religious qualifications for employment or residence in church-owned or operated property.

The Commission enforces the law by investigating allegations of illegal discrimination. The Commission is a neutral fact finder. The Sioux Falls Human Relations Commission has jurisdiction only within city limits. It may order compensatory damages, reasonable accommodations and modifications, affirmative action, hiring, reinstatement, promotion, posting of EEO notices, etc.The Commission will also provide technical assistance to employers, landlords, property owners, or any organization interested in maintaining compliance with local and federal anti-discrimination laws.

One of the Commission's major objectives is to give each person and organization whatever assistance or guidance is necessary to increase public knowledge and understanding of the law, and to secure, where possible, voluntary compliance.

The Human Relations Commission accepts many speaking opportunities throughout the year. If your business, organization, or group would like to inquire as to availability, please call the Human Relations office at 367-8745.