Duties of the Visual Arts Commission:

The Visual Arts Commission shall act as an advisory body to the Mayor and City Council on matters pertaining to visual art. Its duties may include:

  1. Developing a general policy for inclusion and approval of visual art in public places and projects.  
  2. Establishing criteria for visual art including compatibility with general, social, and physical environment with which the art is to relate, originality, diversity of style, structural design, quality, quantity, scope, scale, material, form, content, and durability.
  3. Recommending visual art projects and identifying potential sites.
  4. Recommending the placement of statues, monuments, and memorials in City parks, in or on City property, and public right-of-way.  
  5. Encouraging the incorporation of visual art into the design of commercial, residential, and public projects.  
  6. Encouraging artists' involvement at the inception of City design and building projects.  
  7. Maintaining a directory of the City's inventory of visual art, including receipt annually of the City's plan for conservation and maintenance of artworks.  
  8. Reviewing and making recommendations upon all works of art to be acquired by the city, either by purchase, gift, or otherwise.   
  9. Educating the community about the value and importance of visual art.  
  10. Advising or receiving recommendations from other City boards and commissions on matters involving the visual arts, including aesthetics and beautification.  
  11. Serving as the city's Liaison with artists and advising on any proposed alteration, removal, or destruction of visual art projects, statues, monuments, or memorials in city parks or on City property.  
  12. Preparing an annual report to the Mayor and Council on the visual arts. The report may include a plan for future art projects.