City of Sioux Falls Launches Impact Campaign Focused on Recycling Education

The City of Sioux Falls today launched a recycling education campaign called “It’s Easy to Make an Impact” to focus on how all residents, businesses, and organizations in the community can make a positive impact.

“Recycling is a big part of being a sustainable community. We are excited to launch this campaign and help all residents of Sioux Falls and the surrounding counties to recycle as much as possible.


Recycling diverts materials from the waste stream and helps extend the life of the landfill” said Mayor Paul TenHaken.

The Impact Campaign includes an updated recycling guide, new interactive website, and updated printed materials for disposal information. Updated stickers for trash and recycling bins will also be available.

The 2019 Sioux Falls Recycling Goal is 23.4 percent of all waste. The recycling rate is calculated by dividing the total amount of recyclables by the total amount of solid waste hauled. All licensed commercial waste haulers are required by City ordinance to achieve at least 80 percent of the recycling goal.

Last year, haulers achieved a 23.4 percent total recycling rate for the year.

“That was a new record, which is thrilling!” Public Works Marketing and Communications Coordinator Jessica Sexe said. “Haulers have done a great job of working with their customers to steadily increase the amount of material recycled every year,” Sexe said. “We are really fortunate to have great haulers and two excellent Materials Recovery Facilities, or MRFs. It’s their efforts, combined with every member of our community who recycles, that make the recycling system here work even with the challenges facing the recycling industry nationally and globally.”

For more information about recycling in Sioux Falls or the Impact Campaign, visit

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