Events Campus Study Group Presents Recommendations

Today, the Events Center Campus Study Group presented Mayor Paul TenHaken with their final recommendations.

The group met monthly beginning in February to evaluate the current and future needs of the campus and make recommendations to the Mayor that will enhance the success of the campus and its economic impact to the community.

The report is available online at

“I’m grateful for the time and due diligence the group members spent building a bold vision for the Events Campus,” said Mayor TenHaken. “I look forward to reviewing the report in depth and moving forward in the coming months on a plan to build on the success of the campus and bolster our visitor industry.”

The next steps for the administration is to use the recommendations as the basis for developing a long-term master plan for the campus. Any major construction or changes to the campus will require budgetary approval by the City Council.

The Events Center Campus Study Group included:

  • Ryan Pidde (co-chair)—Mickelson & Company
  • Dan Statema (co-chair)—First Dakota National Bank and Loft Advisors
  • Danny Amundson—KWB Hotel Partners
  • Dr. Tamera Enalls—Transformation Consulting Agency
  • Erik Gaikowski—AARP South Dakota
  • Tom Hurlbert—CO-OP Architecture
  • Andrea Miller—Journey Construction
  • Jared Nesje—TSP Inc.
  • Tony Nour—First PREMIER Bank
  • Erik Nyberg—Cutler Law Firm, LLP
  • Orlen Tschetter—Retired
  • Councilor Curt Soehl

The Events Center Campus includes the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center, Sioux Falls Convention Center, Sioux Falls Arena, Sioux Falls (Canaries) Stadium, Howard Wood Field, and the Sheraton Hotel.

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