Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, however you are not required to plant trees in the parking strip but the tree-lined streets of Sioux Falls are a big part of why this is a beautiful community. 

These trees add to property value, provide aesthetics, provide shade from summer heat, reduce utility bills, temper the wind, reduce noise and air pollution, support our urban wildlife and provide for a pleasing environment to live, work and play.

The city has a list of approved tree species and regulations for proper planting.   This list and regulations can be found in the Street Tree Guide prepared by the Forestry Division.
City ordinance requires the abutting property owner to provide the care and maintenance of trees growing in the parking strip. This care and maintenance begins with the planting, all periodic maintenance throughout the life of the tree and ending with the eventual removal.
Removal of dead wood in a street tree is the responsibility of the abutting property owner.
If you are unable to trim the trees you are encouraged to hire an arborist to complete the task. Any person hired to trim trees in Sioux Falls must be a licensed arborist.
No, the disposal of tree branches is the responsibility of the party doing the trimming. The city landfill is the proper disposal site for tree debris.

In some cases. Generally, the forestry crew will respond to dangerous situations involving street trees and the street right-of-way. You can call 367-8222 for downed trees, splitting trees, hangers and large downed branches.

Smaller material is considered maintenance and is the responsibility of the abutting property owner to collect and dispose of these branches properly. Small material is any branch less than 6 inches in diameter, (approximately the size of a coffee can), no matter the length.

The forestry division will be happy to inspect any trees growing in the parking strip. We will contact you with a follow-up recommendation after the inspection.

Private tree inspections will be referred to the private arborists or the State Division of Resource Conservation and Forestry, (605 362-2830).

Yes, a permit is required before a tree is removed from the parking strip. Call 367-8222 to request this free street tree removal permit.
No, there is no law that states your neighbor needs to trim these branches. Beginning at your property line, you do have the right to trim any branches that extend into your property. You do not need permission to do this and must dispose of any material you remove.

No. Young trees require shaping so the branch tips do not interfere with the street or sidewalk.  However, the lower third of the tree should have all branches removed to the trunk. See Tips for Tree Care page.

The parking strip is the area along public street and avenues between the curb line and the sidewalk line.