Have you seen one of these signs around Sioux Falls?

If you see one of these signs, it’s to let you know that a public hearing under the Shape Places Zoning Ordinance is about to happen.  Click here to learn more about Applications Received by the Planning Office that are scheduled for a public hearing with the Planning Commission and/or City Council.

The current planning aspect of the Planning Department provides support for things that typically are going to move forward with development within the next couple of years.
  • Rezoning: $650.00 + (if exhibit required) $125.00
  • Conditional Use Permits: $375.00
  • Annexations: $350.00
  • Alternative Site Plan: $150.00
  • Initial/Final Development Plan: $350.00
The City of Sioux Falls first started planning and zoning with the creation of the Zoning Commission and zoning ordinance on July 25, 1927, following the South Dakota Legislature adoption of a Comprehensive Municipal Zoning Act in 1927. The Planning Department was not established in 1961 after the City Planning Commission was established in 1959.


Senior Planner - Jason Bieber
   Direct Phone: (605) 367-8671

Rezoning Petition / Conditional Use Permits
   Urban Planner - Adam Roach
   Direct Phone: (605) 367-8179

Rezoning Petition / Conditional Use Permits/Non-Downtown PUDs
   Urban Planner - Kristen Benidt
   Direct Phone: (605) 367-8692

   Urban Planner - Albert Schmidt
   Direct Phone: (605) 367-8603

Downtown / Incentive Programs / Sidewalk Use Permits
   Community Development Coordinator - Dustin Powers
   Direct Phone: (605) 367-8897

Lincoln County Joint Area/Minnehaha County Joint Area
   Urban Planner - Fletcher Lacock
   Direct Phone: (605) 367-8896