2018 2nd Qtr

Citizen Complaints against Officers
2018 2nd Quarter

All citizen complaints against officers are documented and investigated by the department’s supervisors. Once the investigation is complete, it is reviewed by the Section Commander, Division Commander and then forwarded to the Office of the Chief where the decision is made as to the finding of the complaint. Complaints questioning the basis for a citation or arrest are not documented and those complainants are advised to go through the court system.

There are four different categories of complaint findings:

  • Sustained - The investigation produced a preponderance of evidence to prove the allegation did in fact occur and the action of the officer was improper.
  • Not Sustained - The investigation failed to produce a preponderance of evidence to either prove or disprove the allegation.
  • Exonerated - The allegation in fact did occur but the actions of the officer were legal, justified, proper, and in accordance with the law and the department’s policies and procedures.
  • Unfounded - The allegation in fact did not occur, based on the evidence.

During this quarter, there were 11 citizen’s complaints against officers. The findings for these complaints are as follows:

Sustained - 1
Not Sustained - 1
Exonerated - 0
Unfounded - 8
Pending - 0

The following is a summary of each of those complaints:

  1. On 4-11-2018, a citizen complained that an officer used too much force and pointed their service weapon at them. After reviewing the videos and conducting interviews, it was determined that the officer used the force necessary to arrest the citizen. This person had fled in a vehicle and on foot and then physically confronted the officers. The complaint was unfounded.
  2. On 4-15-2018, a citizen complained that officers used too much force when arresting her son. She also complained that the officers pushed her down. The mother and son were both intoxicated and the son was physically combative with the officers. While the officers were trying to control the son, the mother physically obstructed them. After reviewing the videos, photographs and reports, the complaint was unfounded.
  3. On 4-17-2018, a citizen complained that officers assaulted her. After reviewing the videos and interviewing people involved, the complaint was unfounded. The citizen physically obstructed the officers during the investigation and resisted during their attempt to arrest. The officers used the force necessary to arrest the citizen.
  4. On 5-7-2018, a citizen complained that her boyfriend told her that he sustained injuries from a contact with officers. After reviewing the videos from two different contacts with him, there was never any force used or arrests made. After this information was relayed to her, she withdrew the complaint. The complaint was unfounded.
  5. On 5-10-2018, a citizen complained that officers were harassing him after he was stopped for a traffic violation. After reviewing the videos and other information, the complaint was unfounded.
  6. On 5-19-2018, a citizen complained that an officer spoke down to him during his contact. After reviewing the videos and information from interviews, the complaint was sustained.
  7. On 5-20-2018, a citizen complained that she sustained injuries as a result of officers taking her to the ground. After reviewing the videos and examining the injuries, it was determined that there is no indication that the injuries occurred at the time of the arrest. The citizen appeared to be under the influence of a drug also. The complaint was unfounded.
  8. On 5-28-2018, a citizen complained that his handcuffs were too tight and that officers dragged him to the patrol car during his arrest. After investigating his claim and reviewing the videos, it was determined that the citizen was intoxicated and refused or was unable to stand or walk. Officers helped him move to the patrol car by supporting his weight. The officers did the best they could, given the citizen’s condition. He had also suffered a foot injury prior to contact with police. His handcuffing complaint was in reference to an arrest several days prior and there was no evidence or injuries to support that claim. The complaint was unfounded.
  9. On 6-6-2018, a citizen complained through the online CRM system that an officer was rude, condescending and unprofessional with him and another person nearby. The citizen did not respond to repeated requests for follow up contact. The initial information available did not support the claims made by the citizen and the complaint was not sustained.
  10. On 6-13-2018, a citizen complained that an officer yelled at her. After reviewing the video, the complaint was unfounded.