2021 4th Qtr

Citizen Complaints against Officers
2021 4th Quarter

All citizen complaints against officers are documented and investigated by the department’s supervisors. Once the investigation is complete, it is reviewed by the Section Commander, Division Commander and then forwarded to the Office of the Chief where the decision is made as to the finding of the complaint. Complaints questioning the basis for a citation or arrest are not documented and those complainants are advised to go through the court system.

There are four different categories of complaint findings:

  • Sustained - The investigation produced a preponderance of evidence to prove the allegation did in fact occur and the action of the officer was improper.
  • Not Sustained - The investigation failed to produce a preponderance of evidence to either prove or disprove the allegation.
  • Exonerated - The allegation in fact did occur but the actions of the officer were legal, justified, proper, and in accordance with the law and the department’s policies and procedures.
  • Unfounded - The allegation in fact did not occur, based on the evidence.

During this quarter, there was one citizen’s complaint against officers. The findings for that complaint is as follows:

  1. On 10/30/21, a citizen filed a complaint that she was improperly arrested and assaulted by officers.An investigation into the complaint was conducted.A review of the video / audio from the incident showed the citizen was not assaulted and the officers acted appropriately during the arrest.This complaint was unfounded.