New Immigrant Citizen Education

Sioux Falls boasts a very diverse group of citizens, many of whom are immigrants and refugees. The Sioux Falls Police Department welcomes these new community members and recognizes that the places from which they came do not always have the same structure, rules of law, and infrastructure. We recognize the disadvantage that this creates and our goal with NICE is to help ease the transition for these folks to their new home. We aim to teach them the laws and rules of our city and how to be good neighbors in their new community. We hope to dispel misconceptions that many of these new citizens have about law enforcement in general. Not every country provides law enforcement services, or not in the same manner. For this reason many groups of people are reluctant to include police in their options of solutions for problems they may face. We want to build a bridge to these new community members and show them that we are here to help. NICE is the tool we use to accomplish that goal.

Community Ambassador Community Ambassador