2022 Big Sioux River and Sustainability Summit

After nine successful years, the Big Sioux River Water Summit is expanding scope to become the Big Sioux River and Sustainability Summit. The event will include a full day of talks that highlight important water and sustainability topics, practices, and initiatives applicable to the Big Sioux River watershed.

The 2022 Big Sioux River and Sustainability Summit will be held at the Sioux Falls Convention Center. This event is free and open to the public. No pre-event registration is required.  

Storm Inlet Painting Project

Each year local artists design and paint art on the downtown storm drain inlets to boost awareness that water that moves through the storm drainage system goes directly into the Big Sioux River with little to no treatment. 

2022 Sustainable Community Grant

The City of Sioux Falls invites nonprofit organizations to apply for the Sustainable Community Grant, which provides the opportunity to engage in sustainability projects that help the City's Sustainability Program achieve its goals and mission. Applications must be submitted by April 26, 2022.

Setting New Sustainability Goals and Strategies

The City of Sioux Falls is partnering with the community to set new sustainability goals and strategies for the coming years. The updated Sustainability Master Plan will focus on sustainability in these aspects of our community: Natural Systems, Transportation and Land Use, Energy and Buildings, Community Vitality and Sustainable Living, Sustainable Economy, and Materials Management and Waste. It will also prioritize social equity and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Learn more at the link below.

Green Infrastructure Project

The City of Sioux Falls is implementing a green infrastructure project at properties in central Sioux Falls. Improvements will increase nature-based solutions for stormwater management, increase native plants and wildlife habitat, and provide community benefit and resilience.