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Though not always considered a precious resource in this part of the country, proper land use is still a priority for the City of Sioux Falls as our community continues grow. The Planning Office’s new SHAPE Sioux Falls plans lays out direction for the city as our population grows and needs expand, and they have included sustainable measures in almost all aspects of their plan. The Parks and Recreation Department ensures that our community’s green spaces are safe and able to be used by anyone and everyone in Sioux Falls. The links below also include tips for sustainable lawn care practices, including watering, composting, and trimming.




Information from the City

City Planning 

SHAPE Sioux Falls : This comprehensive plan lays out a growth plan for Sioux Falls until 2035. Each chapter has unique sustainable practices and guidelines included, with chapter 9 focusing specifically on the natural environment.

Parks & Open Spaces

Community Gardens : If you don’t have room for a garden at your own property, take advantage of one of the City’s Community Gardens to grow your own produce, or support the local Farmer’s Markets.

Mary Jo Wegner Arboretum : Spend a day hiking along trails and exploring the natural world at Sioux Falls' first arboretum - a garden devoted to trees.

Great Plains Zoo & Delbridge Museum : Sioux Falls’ only zoo, it focuses on Education, Conservation, Recreation and Discovery.


 : Featuring tips on how to sustainably care for your turf.

Forestry Division : The Parks & Recreation Department offers tips for successfully caring for the trees in the Sioux Falls area.

Composting : Don’t throw your yard waste into the trash. Recycling it into a valuable resource for your plants.

Information from Other Sources:

South Dakota Dept of Energy and Natural Resources 
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 

Minnehaha County Extension Office  LEED : Also known as Leading in Energy & Environmental Design, these guidelines established by the U.S. Building Council set the standards for green construction.
Home Builder's Association of the Sioux Empire 
    Sioux Empire Green Build 
Rural Learning Center 
Outdoor Campus 

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