Sustainable Sioux Falls Framework

Sustainability is about balance. For the Sioux Falls community, this means taking care of our natural environment, so it takes care of us. Sustainable Sioux Falls is a framework for doing just that, and is a document created to guide the work of the City of Sioux Falls’ Sustainability Program. It includes focus areas, goals, and actions that support a healthy community and environment, align with Sioux Falls’ continued growth, and help prepare the community for emerging opportunities and challenges.

Sustainable Sioux Falls Mission:

The City of Sioux Falls leads the way toward a sustainable present and future through meaningful collaboration with the community.

Sustainable Sioux Falls Vision:

To be a thriving community today and for future generations by strengthening community well-being, protecting the environment, and supporting economic prosperity.

Sustainable Sioux Falls is guided by the same five focus areas that guide overall City of Sioux Falls’ sustainability work: Natural Systems, Community Vitality and Sustainable Living, Materials Management and Waste, Energy and Buildings, and Transportation and Land Use.

Sustainable Sioux Falls was developed over the course of 2.5 years. Its creation was led by a committee of representatives from key groups and included four phases of community input to ensure the framework reflected Sioux Falls’ needs. Core considerations in the development of Sustainable Sioux Falls include support for consumer choice, provide benefits for all, and recognize cost and affordability.

Achieving the goals within Sustainable Sioux Falls calls for local government and community collaboration. Working together, we can take care of today for a better tomorrow and balance the health and needs of our people and natural environment.

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