Test Proctoring

Siouxland Libraries offers exam proctoring, free of charge, to support continuing education. The student must complete this online request for the first exam for each class. If you need to schedule subsequent exams for the same class please call the branch directly to reserve a proctoring session.

Proctor Agreement:

The library will not:

  1. Directly monitor students during the exam.

The library will:

  1. Reserve a proctoring session and space for the exam.
  2. Provide internet access via library Wi-Fi on student’s device or a library public computer. The library does not warrant that internet access will be uninterrupted or function at a certain speed and cannot control if there are internet outages.
  3. Accept receipt of exam materials (e.g. login credentials or print an emailed exam) from the instructor.
  4. Return the completed exam, at no charge, via email, fax, or USPS. Allow 3-5 days for normal USPS delivery.

The student will:

  1. Adhere to their institution’s academic honesty and proctoring policies.
  2. Request a proctoring session:
    1. Submit this proctor request form for each new class.
    2. Request sufficient time during the library's regular business hours to complete the exam at least 10 minutes before the library closes.
    3. An online registration response from library staff may take up to three days.
    4. Same-day appointments may not be available.
    5. Scheduled exam dates are tentative pending receipt of exam materials.
    6. Requests to change a scheduled exam are subject to room and staff availability.
    7. Schedule subsequent exams by filling out an additional proctor request form or by emailing or calling the branch directly.
  3. Verify the test has arrived and follow up with the school, if necessary, to ensure that library staff have received all necessary exam materials before the scheduled time. We recommend emailing or calling your library at least two business days prior to confirm receipt.
  4. Arrive 15 minutes early to check in for your session. If the student is more than 15 minutes late, the exam may be cancelled.
  5. Bring photo ID to each exam.
  6. Leave personal belongings at home if possible. If necessary, library staff will hold personal belongings in a secure location while you take the exam.

The library makes no warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, statutory or otherwise, regarding the proctoring services to be provided, including, but not limited to, availability of such services or of internet service. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the services is with the student. The library does not warrant that the services provided will meet the student’s or instructor’s requirements or that the operation of the internet provided will be uninterrupted or error free.

To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, whatever the legal basis for the claim, under no circumstances shall the library be liable to the student or any other person or entity for any claim, cause of action, demand, liability, damages, awards, fines, or otherwise, arising out of or relating to any injury or harm caused from use of or reliance on the proctoring services provided by the library. The student relies on the proctoring services at his or her own risk.

The student shall indemnify and hold the library harmless from any and all claims, damages, losses and expenses, including but not limited to reasonable attorney’s fees, arising out of or resulting from the proctoring services to be provided pursuant to this agreement.

Schedule an Exam:

Before continuing, please have the following details ready:

  1. Two or three possible dates and times for the first exam;
  2. Class name;
  3. Instructor’s name, email address, and phone number.

Please choose a branch from the list below to schedule your exam:

Brandon Library Request Online 
Downtown Library Request Online
Oak View Library Request Online
Prairie West Library Request Online

Frequently Asked Questions

At which libraries can I have an exam proctored?
Brandon, Downtown, Oak View and Prairie West libraries.

My exam requires that I have direct monitoring. Is that something that can be provided to me?
Siouxland Libraries locations are NOT able to provide any direct monitoring or supervision during the exam.

What services will the library provide?
Library staff will facilitate the exam by receiving exam materials (either paper or passwords) and administer these to the student. Staff will schedule a time, provide a space to take the exam, and return the exam to the instructor via email, fax, or USPS as required.

What format of exam can I take at the library?
Exams may be proctored in either computer or paper format.  You may use your own computer or a public library computer.  Note: no software or other programs are able to be downloaded to public library computers.  If your exam requires a specific software or browser you must provide your own computer.

I submitted the form--what now?
Once the form is submitted, your instructor receives information regarding the proctoring agreement and process. Your chosen library location receives your proctoring request. Your instructor should send exam materials to the library as directed in the email they received. Library staff will contact you to confirm a scheduled exam time.

Will library staff let me know when my exam materials have arrived?
It is your responsibility to ensure that exam materials have arrived prior to your scheduled exam time.  If materials have not arrived, it is your responsibility to contact your instructor to have them sent.

What happens if the materials are not at the library when my scheduled exam time comes?
If materials are not at the library, staff will not be able to administer the exam.

What happens if I am late or miss my scheduled exam time?
If you miss your scheduled exam time, it will be your responsibility to contact the library to reschedule.  Library staff are not responsible for reminding or following up with any missed appointments.

If you are late for your scheduled time, the exam may still be administered provided there is adequate time left during the library’s normal business hours to complete the exam, staff time needed to reschedule, and room availability.  If this is not possible, you will need to reschedule for another day.

What if I have other questions?
Please contact the participating library of your choice:

Brandon Community Library: 605-582-2390
Downtown Library: 605-367-8700
Oak View Library: 605-367-8060
Prairie West Library: 605-978-6899